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Scrubber Dryers

The Columbus range of floor scrubbers is German know-how and technology wrapped in a brilliantly manoeuvrable package of really innovative scrubbers.
From manual to ride on we have the range here.

Scrubber Dryers

Less impact on the environment thanks to an integrated chemical dosing system whereby the dosage is regulated electronically, therefore the mixing ratio is always ideal.

When less water is supplied, then fewer chemicals are used and so floors are cleaned more gently yet stay cleaner longer. You could say, every cleaning cycle is an act of environmental protection with less material consumption thanks to the economic design. The compact design reduces material consumption achieving the highest possible energy efficiency. Columbus scrubber dryers are a good example of this, being constructed using innovative double-wall technology, and the solution tank encases the battery compartment, saving weight and space.

Low-friction transmission, uses less energy, and low friction gearing requires less energy to achieve the required amount of power, resulting in optimum results. Our recyclable materials mean less waste and most of our materials can be recycled. Steel and polyethylene are our most commonly used materials. Polyethylene is easily recycled and reused as a raw material for new tanks, and steel can also be recycled.

Our machines are equipped with electromechanical elements where possible and these materials are also easily recyclable. There are also far fewer toxic electronic components than in large, centralised electronic control boards and less water thanks to textured bristles.

Columbus brushes use textured bristles positioned over the entire surface area of the brush. enabling the bristles to work over a larger area and distribute water absolutely evenly.
In addition, the outer ring of bristles is particularly dense and always retains sufficient cleaning solution within the brush, even when using small quantities of water.

Available Models

ARA 80|BM 150Scrubber Dryers_ARA100BM150

With legendary easy handling, ridiculously easy maintenance, and an ergonomic dream when sitting, for a comfortable work. This ride-on scrubber dryer offers a lot of convincing features for the demanding cleaning tasks on large floor areas.

ARA 100|BM 150

The High battery capacity, large ride-on scrubber dryer for long working times and high surface coverage of up to 7.500 sqm.

With a light touch of the automatic button, the squeegee tool is lowered and the brush head placed in stand-by position. A simple touch of the accelerator puts all functions in motion: the brushes are lowered into the desired working position, exact brush pressure is activated, the pump supplies the right amount of water – the scrubber works in a pre-set mode. Operating errors are all but eliminated, a consistently high cleaning result can basically be “preset”!
Turning circle is only 2 metres – for efficient work also in tight spaces.

Clenco floor scrubbers_0043_RA35B1010 Liter  RA 35|B 10

The low cost scrubber dryer suitable for small surfaces areas. With integrated charger with connection cable and mains plug suitable for gel batteries.


floor scrubbers_0035_RA43B4040 litre RA 43|B 40

The universal scrubber dryer is available in various specifications – for multiple applications on all floors.



srubber dryers_0022_RA66KM6060 litre RA 66|KM 60

The intelligent tank- in- tank principle for more capacity in a minimum amount of space; The brush pressure can be adjusted to 40 kg. With its working width of 66 cm this machine offers a real unique solution for all cleaning tasks on medium and large areas.


columbus scrubber dryers_ARA66BM100100 litre ARA 66|BM 100

The easy to operate, compact ride-on scrubber dryer with solid mechanics is ideal for the daily cleaning of – among others – clinics and hospitals, smaller to medium industrial buildings and markets with narrow alleys and checkout zones


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