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Clenco Water Blasters, High Pressure Water Blasters

Our tough European designed Clenco high pressure waterblasters are perfect for New Zealand conditions. We offer an excellent range of commercial level waterblasters and steam vapour pressure cleaners with back up and support that is second to none.

Waterblasters Available Models

waterblaster small 122_rioRio

A 4 or 2 pole electric motor with continuous duty with overload thermal switch. An elastic coupling between motor and pump with delayed automatic stop/start system. It has microleakages check, reinforced, acoustic insulated chemical tank, is self-extinguishing and 100% recyclable with an iron steel main chassis. With easy accessibility to the components a 24 Volt switchboard and separate regulation valve with the pump set to zero when the spray gun is closed and direct feeding with chemical device in low pressure hose, we also include the lance with automatic gun as standard professional accessories.


waterblaster KONKon

This innovative functional design has a pump with 3 ceramic pistons, rod/crunk system and brass head. Itg comes in either a 4 or 2 pole electric motor (1400 or 2800 Rpm), with continuous duty with overload thermal switch, elastic coupling between motor and pump (1400rpm models) and delayed auto-stop.

This unit has burner protection and water level and microleakages check with reinforced, acoustic insulated polyethylene made frame and handle (wide thickness), integrated fuel tank and integrated chemical tank, self-extinguishing and 100% recyclable.

Throw in a 24 Volt switchboard, ABS, class of insulation IP55, self extinguishing and 100% recyclable and you a waterblaster of epic proportions and value.

It has a highly sensitive thermostat with direct immersion bulb and constant temperature control with edirect feeding with detergent aspiration device in low pressure (high pressure with water tank in optional) with metering system and the hose, lance with automatic gun come as standard professional accessories.

waterblaster HYDRA Hydra

With a light touch of the automatic button, the squeegee tool is lowered and the brush head placed in stand-by position. A simple touch of the accelerator puts all functions in motion: the brushes are lowered into the desired working position, exact brush pressure is activated, the pump supplies the right amount of water – the scrubber works in a pre-set mode. Operating errors are all but eliminated, a consistently high cleaning result can basically be “preset”!
Turning circle is only 2 metres – for efficient work also in tight spaces.

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